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Whistle Binkies Volleyball Leagues

Fall Volleyball Make Up Games
Tuesday Oct 8th 2019

A quick reminder that we are playing tonight to make up for the games that were missed last week due to the horrible weather.


The schedule is the same as last week. It has been updated on the website.


Thank you to all of those who participated this year in Whistle Binkies Fall Volleyball.

Sunday Aug 4th 2019



The Playoff schedules have been posted on the website. As mentioned before, all teams play the first week. The second week, only the 8 winning teams from week 1 will play. The third week will be the 4 winners from the week 2.


In the Playoffs, it may only be necessary to play 2 games of the match in order to move on into the next round. Playoffs are best 2 out of 3 to move on. PLEASE remember to post the results right away so I can complete the schedule.


Also, keep in mind that you may only use he players that are on your roster. It has happened in the past, and I don't want it to happen bringing in ringers. Keep it honest.


Weather Cancellation Policy
Tuesday May 21st 2019

Bad Weather Cancellation Policy


Volleyball is only cancelled in the case of threatening weather. Threatening weather is the presence of lightning in the area or dangerous high winds and heavy rain.

I will rarely post the cancellation of matches for the entire night....Monday was a perfect example of why I don't. The 5:30 matches ended up being cancelled due to lightning, but the 6:30 were played in light rain. The 7:30 and 8:30 matches had absolutely beautiful weather.

Procedure should be as follows: assume that the matches will be held. If the weather does not allow the match to start on time, please wait for 20-30 minutes to see if the weather clears....if it does, you can start the match and play as many games as time allows (do not go over the allotted 1 hour of play as it will affect the following matches). If the weather does not clear in the 20-30 minutes, the match should then be cancelled. Unfortunately, the busy schedule does not allow for make-up games. text/images/links here.

Tuesday Mar 21st 2017


Wednesday Mar 15th 2017


Tuesday May 24th 2016