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Whistle Binkies Volleyball Leagues

Winter Volleyball Tournament
Wednesday Jan 2nd 2019


I am happy to announce that registration is now open for the Annual, Outdoor "Warm-up to the Polar Plunge" Winter Volleyball Tournament.


The tournament will take place on Saturday, February 2, 2019 beginning at 9:00 am. The format will be coed, double elimination following the rules of Whistle Binkies Summer Volleyball. There is a limit of 8 teams and it fills up quickly. The entry fee is $50 per team. The payouts will be 50% of the money goes to Special Olympics MN, and the remainder will be distributed to the 1st and 2nd place teams, 60% / 40%. In the past, the tournament has run until about 4:00 pm.


The Volleyball Tournament is all part of an event called the "Warm-up to the Polar Plunge". Activities begin at 8:00 with a Pancake Breakfast, the Volleyball Tournament, Ice Fishing Tournament, Silent Auction, Miniature Golf on the Lake, Frozen Turkey Bowling on the Lake, 50/50 Raffles, and more. All of the money raised will be donated to the Polar Plunge and Special Olympics Minnesota.


If you are interested on playing, you must email me at to hold your spot. Once I confirm your registration is received, you will be responsible to drop off your check for $50 (made out to Whistle Binkies on the Lake) in order to hold your spot in the tournament. Rosters and waivers can be filled out the morning of the tournament. Remember, the event fills out fast, so don't wait too long to reserve your spot.


Rich Batchelor


A few important reminders
Sunday Jun 3rd 2018

As we head back into volleyball after a very warm Memorial Weekend, I would like to take this chance to remind everybody of a few things.....


1)   First and foremost, PLEASE remember that we are all here to have FUN!!!!! After all, we are a bar league. The whole idea is to play some volleyball, escape the grind of your daily life, and have some fun with friends (new and old). Please make sure that you are being polite, calling your own fouls (especially net play).


2)   Make sure that the captains are reporting the scores at the end of each match.


3)   The deadline for making changes to your roster is June 10. If you want to make any additions to your roster, please email Rich with the changes (you cannot make the changes yourself). Keep in mind that if a player does not appear on your roster, they will not be allowed to play on your team...especially during playoffs.


4)   SUPER EXCITING... Whistle Binkies on the Lake and LandShark Lager have partnered together to bring you a new special. Captains, please see the bartender this week to pick up your discount cards that will give you unlimited pints of LandShark Lager for only $2.50 each. This special is good only at Whistle Binkies on the Lake and runs 7 days a week, for the entire volleyball season. This is in addition to all of the other great specials available at Whistle Binkies on a daily basis.


Enjoy.....we are happy to have you as part of Whistle Binkies.



Weather Cancellation Policy
Monday May 15th 2017

Volleyball is only cancelled in the case of threatening weather. Threatening weather is the presence of lightning in the area or dangerous high winds and heavy rain.


DO NOT call the bar to ask if the matches will be played.  As a general rule, you should always assume that the matches will be played. Many times it may be raining heavy in the NW part of town, but there will be clear weather SE. I will rarely post the cancellation of matches for the entire night....too often, this type of scenario plays out:  The 5:30 matches end up being cancelled due to lightning, but the 6:30 are played in light rain. The 7:30 and 8:30 matches have absolutely beautiful weather.


Procedure should be as follows: assume that the matches will be held. If the weather does not allow the match to start on time, please wait for 20-30 minutes to see if the weather clears....if it does, you can start the match and play as many games as time allows (do not go over the allotted 1 hour of play as it will affect the following matches). If the weather does not clear in the 20-30 minutes, the match should then be cancelled. Unfortunately, the busy schedule does not allow for make-up games.

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