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Whistle Binkies Volleyball Leagues

Volleyball Drink Discount Card
Tuesday May 21st 2019

Special Drink Discount Card Available For All Volleyball Players


Whistle Binkies on the Lake has partnered with Kona Brewing Co. to bring Binkies Leagues volleyball players a special deal. Kona Big Wave (a lighter-bodied golden ale with a tropical hop aroma and flavor) will be available to all volleyball players for only $3.00 for a pint glass. This will be a special price to go along will whatever other drink special the bar is running the night that you are in.


To take advantage of this discount, you must present your discount card to your server / bartender before you order. Captains, please pick up the envelope with enough cards for your entire team on your next night of volleyball.


Not only will you be able to take advantage of this special on the nights that you play league volleyball, but we will extend the special to you 7 days and nights a week, all the way thru Labor Day.


This is just a small way for Whistle Binkies to say "Thank You" for being part of their volleyball league.

Weather Cancellation Policy
Tuesday May 21st 2019

Bad Weather Cancellation Policy


Volleyball is only cancelled in the case of threatening weather. Threatening weather is the presence of lightning in the area or dangerous high winds and heavy rain.

I will rarely post the cancellation of matches for the entire night....Monday was a perfect example of why I don't. The 5:30 matches ended up being cancelled due to lightning, but the 6:30 were played in light rain. The 7:30 and 8:30 matches had absolutely beautiful weather.

Procedure should be as follows: assume that the matches will be held. If the weather does not allow the match to start on time, please wait for 20-30 minutes to see if the weather clears....if it does, you can start the match and play as many games as time allows (do not go over the allotted 1 hour of play as it will affect the following matches). If the weather does not clear in the 20-30 minutes, the match should then be cancelled. Unfortunately, the busy schedule does not allow for make-up games. text/images/links here.

Volleyball Starts
Tuesday May 14th 2019

Volleyball Starts, reminders


The time is finally here and I am very excited.


This year we have a lot of new teams and players, so veterans, please take the time to help out the new people if they need it. One very helpful thing would be to show the new captains how to record the results of your match on the website . (Click on 'Report Score', click on your night of play, find your match, record the number of wins and losses for each team).


The schedule has been posted for the first four weeks and I will be working on posting the rest of the schedule over the next week.


A few important items: 1) We are a family bar / restaurant, so please dress appropriately and be careful of your language and actions. 2) Absolutely no underage drinking. If it comes to my attention that this is happening, the captains will be given one warning. If it happens again, your entire team will be removed from the League and you will lose your registration fee. 3) No outside drink or food (we will provide a water jug, sports drinks like Gatorade are allowed).  4) Please be respectful of the other guests when holding tables during your matches. This means that you may not be able to reserve a large table during your match? If you plan to stick around after your match, please try to have a few friends along to hold your table. 5) If you order drinks through your server, please make sure you let them know if you are moving or starting your match.


We will be having a beer sponsor again this year that will give every volleyball player a discount on the sponsor’s beer. More about that later.


Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!! We are very proud at Whistle Binkies to have the reputation of being a fun place to play league volleyball. Please help us keep it that way.

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